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The Dream-Pod

We at Snow Blossom Acupuncture, LLC. are happy to introduce our Float Tank.  We are officially the first permitted Float Tank in Alaska.  We are so happy to be sharing this invaluable therapy with the Alaskan Community!  Floatation Therapy can be a stand alone treatment at Snow Blossom or you can use it in conjunction with the other therapies we offer to enhance your healing journey.  The Dreampod V-Max is top of the line, catering to individuals of all sizes, athletes & people with mobility issues.  The space allows for 2 people and anyone that will appreciate the extra space.  You may know them by other names - Sensory Deprivation or Isolation Tanks.   Because our tank is enclosed it gives the floater a true sense of sensory enhancement.  There is about 1,200 pounds of epsom salt in our float tank.  This makes float tanks more buoyant than the Dead Sea & the Great Salt Lakes!  Below you will find some information about our float tank, pricing, and how to prepare for your float session.

What you need to know 

To prepare for your float, please consider the following guidelines. 

  1. Come mentally prepared! Try to avoid coming in with a stressful mindset so that you may enjoy the full benefits of floating.

  2. Before entering the Dreampod, you will shower in the float tank room to remove any hair products, body lotion, perfumes, deodorant and other chemicals.  Please use the shower products provided - we have chosen shower & personal care products that are free of harmful toxins for your skin & our tank.

  3. The temperature of the water in the float tank is about 95 degrees F, this is the average surface temperature of the body's skin.  The idea is to not feel hot or cold, but to feel warm and comfortable.  We suggest a cold shower before you enter the tank so the water does not feel cool when you enter.  

  4. If you are menstruating please use a tampon or use normal precautions during your cycle.  If you do not wish to do so then please wait a few days to float until you are done bleeding.

  5. Please use the restroom before your float.  

  6. You will be provided the option to use ear plugs to reduce salt accumulation in your ears.

  7. You will have the choice to have complete sensory deprivation with no light & no sound.  Or, you may choose to have music playing and chakra light therapy on during your float.  We will discuss these options before your session. 

  8. During your float session you will find two large buttons on each side, one is an attendant call button, and the other turns the LED chakra lights on & off in the float tank. 

  9. Try to refrain from touching your eyes during your floating experience, it will sting.  If you happen to get salt in your eyes, there will be a fresh water spray bottle and a clean hand towel that you can use within reach, immediately outside the tank.  

  10. You will shower after your float.  We highly suggest you take a full shower to remove the salt.  Shower products, body lotion & a hair dryer are provided for your convenience.  



  • You may NOT use the float tank if you have newly dyed your hair.   Please wait a minimum of 1+ week to float.  You have spent time & money on your hair & we don't want it to go to waste.

  • Henna Hair Dye or Slow Release Dye - unfortunately these types of dye do not do well in the tank solution.  If or when you choose not to use these we would love you to float.  

  • Avoid waxing or shaving any body hair before floating to avoid salt/skin irritation and possible burning sensation.

  • If you have an allergy to sulpha you may not want to float due to the high volume of epsom salt (Magnesium Sulphate).

  • There will be no bathing suits allowed in our tank - it keeps the cross contamination lower and a suit will build up with dry, crusty salt during your float which may cause itchiness.  

  • Don't float if you have any open or oozing wounds.

  • Don't float if you are recently tattooed, generally 3-4 weeks to allow proper healing of your new tattoo.  

  • We would suggest avoiding caffeine prior to floating.

  • If you are a smoker - please refrain from smoking 45 minutes before your float.

  • Floating under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not permitted under any circumstances.

  • Inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated and a cleaning fee of $800 - $1,500 will be charged. 

  • Please help us keep our tank clean so everyone may enjoy this invaluable experience.  Please do not urinate, poop, spit, splash, swim or fornicate in the tank or the float room.  If a client contaminates the water in any way they will be required to pay the cost of clean up and refilling the tank with salt. ($800 - $1,500 depending on the current cost of supplies and extent of damage).  

  • The float room is used for relaxation purposes and needs to remain a quiet, tranquil environment. Please make every effort to be respectful and not disturb other clients & patients within Snow Blossom Acupuncture while floating. Please turn off, or silence, all cellular devices.


Medical Precautions

  • Incontinence - Inadvertent body fluid leakage is detrimental to tank solution sanitation.  Your float session is for an hour-and-a-half, if this amount of time is not a concern, floating will be fine. 

  • Trouble with detoxing - If you have problems with your Liver or Kidneys then please talk to your Doctor about the absorption of high concentrations of magnesium.

  • Chemotherapy and Radiation - We want to enhance your body's ability to heal itself.  Please talk to your Doctor about floating during this time due to the high concentration of magnesium and possibility of getting dizzy or nauseous due to your treatments.

  • Contagious &/or Infectious Diseases: Please do not float if you have a communicable or infectious disease.

  • Ear Tubes: please consult with your Dr first before considering a float session.

  • Pregnancy: If pregnant, please consult with your physician before floating.

  • Lactating Mothers: Inadvertent body fluid leakage is detrimental to tank solution sanitation.  Your float session is for an hour-and-a-half, if this amount of time is not a concern, floating will be fine. 

  • Seizures - You will be floating in isolation. We will not know if you are having a seizure during your float.  If your epilepsy or seizure disorder is under control with medication, and you get clearance from your Doctor, floating is a definite option.   

  • Pump Devices - Please make sure that it is ok to submerge your pump in water.

  • Spinal Issues - Please be cautious when entering and exiting the tank as your body and mind will be more relaxed and the access lid requires careful, controlled opening and closing.  

  • Claustrophobia - This is the number one concern we hear about people’s aversion to floating.  Most people have no issues at all because you are in complete control of the lighting, ability to stretch and move gently inside the tank. You can always sit up or open the pod door, if need be.  If you are able to drive a vehicle then you will be comfortable in our spacious tank. 


30 Minute Float Session - $55


1 Hour Float Session - $85


90 Minute Float Session - $110


BUNDLE BONUS - Add a 1 Hour Float Session for $65 to Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic Care or the Infrared Sauna. 

*Bundles must be used within 24 hours of your other treatments | Must be paid for in advance | Valid for one single person 60 minute Float| One discount per service*

*15% off 60 or 90 minute Float Sessions for Veterans, Active Duty Military, and First Responders.  Not to be combined with other discounts.  Please bring ID for verification.

*Please click here for membership pricing*

Call us now to schedule your first appointment! 907-245-7669

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