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Acupuntura Sesion Privada (Primer Visita)

Llama por precios.

Acupuntura Comunitaria (Primer Visita)

$45-65 - Escala Movil

Acupuntura Pediatrica

Llama por precios.

Acupuntura Sesion Privada (Volviendo Paciente)

Llama por precios.

Acunpuntura Comunitaria (Volviendo Paciente)

$30-50 - Escala Movil

Sauna de Infrrarojos (15 Minutos)

$55 - 30 minute

$85 - 60 minute

$110 - 90 minute

Sauna de Infrrarojos (30 Minutos)


Self-pay Rates:

Initial Visit: $75

Follow-up Visit: $60

Tanque de Flotacion (90 Minutos)

Please note that insurance billable rates may vary based on services rendered at the time of your visit. 

Bundles &
Float Referral

Medical Massage Therapy

Self-pay Rates:

30-minutes: $65

60-minutes: $135

90-minutes: $190

Tanque de Flotacion (Una Hora)


*As of January 2023, a credit card on file is required for all Self-Pay services*
Please call our clinic for details at 907-245-7669

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