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Services and Treatments


Community Acupuncture



​In Community Acupuncture treatments, we focus on the simple effectiveness of acupuncture and its ability to guide a resting body through a healing process. These treatments are done in a large room where patients rest alongside other patients. A limited intake session is performed with simplified questions to get an overview of your health history and goals.


Patients are fully clothed and needled on distal points along the body.  Distal needling is done on the scalp, neck, arms/hands, and legs/feet.  Once the needles are in, patients tend to take an acu-snooze and zone out for a while. Sessions last from 45-60 minutes. The idea is that as your body rests, it has time to heal, and the needles act as catalysts to guide the healing process to the areas it needs to go.  


*In this setting, we can offer a form of healthcare that allows the patient to receive affordable, consistent treatments.

Private Room Acupuncture


In our Private Room treatments, we can utilize acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork, cupping and gua sha, among other techniques, in a multi-level attack on a patient’s condition.  These treatments are very focused with extensive one-on-one time between the patient and practitioner which allows for more time to talk about your health, treatment options and other avenues of healing we can explore both in the treatment room and at our homes, such as Qi Gong and Meditation.

Moxabustion (direct or indirect)


Moxibustion is a type of heat therapy.  The mugwort plant is processed into different forms, and these products are smoldered on or over your body.  This therapy creates small amounts of smoke, so if you are very sensitive to smoke, please let your practitioner know.  It may be used along with acupuncture or by itself in a treatment.

Massage Therapy


Massage Therapy is a beneficial treatment that increases your blood circulation and energizes your muscular system. We offer the following types of massage: Zen Shiatsu, Tuina, So Tai, Acupressure, Swedish massage, or Myofascial release. These can be done in a acupuncture session or in a standalone massage.  Your practitioner will evaluate which style best fits your needs. 



Cupping is an old Chinese technique of using glass or plastic cups which are suctioned to your body.  The suction is created when a flame is placed into the upside-down cup and then quickly removed, this in effect allows for the cup to suction the area that it's placed.  Cupping is used for many symptoms that range from coughing to tight muscles.

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Gua Sha


Gua Sha has similar effects as cupping but is administered by a scraping technique with a ceramic Chinese soup spoon or carved piece of jade or buffalo horn.


Chinese Herbs


Chinese Herbs can be administered in bulk, granule, powdered, tincture, tea-pill, and liniment forms.  Herbs are recommended to help increase your treatment potential.  They may be given as a potent medicinal tea, a milder nutritional supplement or an externally applied agent to help relieve symptoms and normalize the body’s functions.

Back Acupuncture with Electrical stimula

Electro Acupuncture


Electro-Acupuncture can be used along with standard acupuncture.  Cords from a battery powered electro-stimulation machine are connected to the acupuncture needles, and a small electric pulsation is administered to the needles.

Selection of essential oils, with herbs



Aromatherapy incorporates herbal essential oils to compliment and enhance your treatment. The Raindrop Treatment is an aromatherapy technique which combines ten essential oils that are explicitly applied to the back.

Infrared Sauna


An infrared sauna deeply penetrates into the body, it is three times more effective than a conventional sauna. The infrared sauna expels toxins and heavy metals, it also relieves chronic pain. It's effective with weight loss, a 30 minute session can remove up to 600 calories. Try this amazing service we provide and you'll notice an immediate difference, get ready to glow!


Battlefield Acupuncture


Battlefield Acupuncture is a form of auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) where a sequence of needles are placed up to five specific sites in one or both ears. It helps release endorphins and anti-inflammatory cytokines for long-term effects. The needles usually stay in place for three days until they fall out or are removed.

Facial/Cosmetic Acupuncture


Float Tank/Sensory Deprivation Chamber


A sensory deprivation chamber (float tank) is a environment stimulation therapy. It's a dark soundproof tank that is filled with epsom salt, you will float weightless as your brain enters a deeply relaxed state. There are many medical benefits of a float tank that help treat anxiety disorders, stress, and chronic pain.

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